Situating Rupture


This project focuses on producing a space that has the ability to reclaim learning as a strategic tactic to influence the commodity aspects of knowledge exchange.
It will instramentalise (Instrumentalism in this context is manipulation (in the best sense of the word: manipulation as usage) of the works of art. In the act of manipulation in the focus of attention alongside with the perception of the outer side of the aesthetic object is the object’s inner structure that makes possible the very act of manipulation. Instrumentalism, aims at the explication of the principles of the object’s organization.) art practice to produce a site that focuses solely on the ability to exchange and unlearn preconceptions of social and political forms through artistic tools. The space will be a site to demonstrate labor as well as hold artistic interventions that reconfigure the financial hierarchy and issues with accelarationist policy ( In political and social theory, accelerationism is the idea that either the prevailing system of capitalism, or certain technosocial processes that historically characterised it, should be expanded and accelerated in order to generate radical social change.) in attempting to reclaim time to learn and to streak time.

The site will turned into a multi-functional installation creating spaces of use and no-use.
Renegotiating the territory of aesthetics and its relation to the ethical. A post-conceptual artist’s lead archive.

Artist commissions Include

John Reardon May 2015

Harold Offeh July 2015

Hannah Kemp Welch September 2015

This is the academic blog that puts the commissions into a theoretical and academic context.

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