Hannah Kemp-Welch

Art stuff…

My practice centres around performative interventions using sound. I like playing with tech, though always lo-fi, DIY, and with a sense of humour. Mainly, I like to investigate personal and social interactions when listening or experimenting with sound. I have a pretty Fluxus approach.

Work life…

I work in London at Tate Modern and Tate Britain, and across Tate’s national partner galleries, as a digital producer in the Young People’s Programmes team. I work with a group of 15-25s to investigate digital and time-based art, teach creative strategies for using new media and produce digital content such as audio responses to art works and short documentary films. Occasionally I programme events, trying to sneak politics into the gallery. The latest was Debate at Tate – an event at Tate Modern, which debates the artists’ responsibility when representing conflict.

Read about my work at Tate on the Circuit blog.

I also work as programme manager of Raw Sounds – a strand of the youth-led charity Raw Material, that delivers music workshops to people with mental health needs in hospitals and in the community.

What I get up to…

Since completing a BA and MA in Sound Arts in 2010, I’ve continued my research into this field. I go to loads of sound related exhibitions and events, both locally and internationally, from which I tweet and write reflections for this long-standing sound art blog. I also write art-focused articles for a variety of online publications, including Soapbox Press and event reviews for Soundry.

Other projects…

I’m in the middle of a practice-based research project which investigates digital artists books. I’m also working on some performances at Christian Marclay’s exhibition at White Cube, London.


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